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Gold Sponsor
$ 500
Approx. 1,800,000 UG
Medium Logo on Roll up Banners
Catering Area Exhibition Stand Space
Logo below the fold on every page of website
Profile page on Website
Social Media before and after the event
Highlight in a pre-event Newsletter
Contact Us
Silver Sponsor
$ 300
Approx. 1,000,000 UGX
Small logo on Roll up Banners
Table in reception area
Logo in footer on every page of the Website
Profile page on website
Social Media before the event
Mention in a pre-event Newsletter
Contact Us
Giveaway Sponsor
$ 150
Approx. 500,000 UGX
Item for bags/prize draw or discount coupon.
Social Media before the event
Contact Us
Video/Photo Sponsor
$ 100
Approx. 350,000 UGX
Opening and closing Splash screen on all videos.
Logo on video template shown throughout
Social Media after event
Credit on YouTube channel
Highlight in post event newsletter
Social Sponsor
$ 80
Approx. 280,000 UGX
Promotion in Newsletter and on Drink Tokens
Promotion in Social Media before, during and after event